Friday, February 14, 2014

Keyboard Shortcuts

The single biggest time-saver related to everyday computer work is keyboard shortcuts. An application’s menu is a long way away from the content you are working on, and constantly moving back and forth between them is tedious. Don’t succumb to mouse-induced nausea, try these keyboard shortcuts instead.

There are literally hundreds of keyboard shortcuts that can save you time and effort, but we will focus on the most useful and ubiquitous ones. I will present a new set of shortcuts each week. Try to use each one daily until it becomes a habit. You’ll soon be surprised how you got along without them.

Keyboard Shortcuts Week One: Cut, Copy, Paste

This set of shortcuts is the grandaddy of them all. They can be used in almost every computer program under the sun and are a great introduction to shortcuts.

To perform a keyboard shortcut, press and hold the first key in the sequence, then press the second key. For “Cut” below, this means holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, then pressing the letter X.

Highlight some text in your email or browser and try the following shortcuts:

Cut = Ctrl+X

Cutting text means removing it from the current location and copying it to the computer’s clipboard. Cut text if you want to remove it from one location and paste it into another.

Copy = Ctrl+C

Copying text means copying it to the computer’s clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else later. Copy text if you want to make a duplicate of it elsewhere.

Paste = Ctrl+V

Pasting text inserts previously cut or copied text from the clipboard to the current location.

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  1. I use keyboard shortcuts almost religiously. I didn't even know there was one for cutting content. How about that!

    Thanks for the tip.